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The College of Science (COS) scholarship application for FY25 scholarships (those awarding in Fall 2024-Spring 2025) is closed. Due to delays in FAFSA verification from the US Department of Education, scholarship awarding is facing a unique situation. So this year, the COS scholarship season will need to have two distinct awarding periods.

Awarding Period #1: includes scholarships that do not require FAFSA verification. Currently, award offer letters are being extended to selected recipients, and all offer letters will have been extended by May 1, 2024. Applicants who do not receive an offer by that date were not selected for these scholarships.

Awarding Period #2: includes scholarships that require FAFSA verification. The timeline for the selection of recipients and award offers for these scholarships cannot yet be determined due to the delay mentioned above. We anticipate this second selection period could potentially extend beyond July. For more information about this FAFSA delay, please visit UNT's Financial Aid & Scholarship's website:

The College of Science is committed to keeping you updated as we navigate through this process. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. The application for FY26 scholarships will open in September 2024.

Further questions? Email:

  • College-level & department-level scholarships have been incorporated into one online application for your convenience! Check back in September to complete this online application form.
  • For university-wide scholarships, you can visit UNT's Eagle Scholarship Portal (link opens in a new window).