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We offer scholarships and other forms of support to both undergraduate and graduate students. Some of these opportunities are college wide. In many instances, students also need to complete application materials on the UNT Student Financial Aid & Scholarships web site.

The John A. Altermann and Katherine M. Bradford Scholarship

A scholarship supporting graduate students in Sciences and Mathematics. It is awarded to a graduate student in either Biology, Chemistry, Math or Physics, rotating the departments every four years beginning with Chemistry in 2008. Learn more about this scholarship.

Robert H & Jimmie G. Nobles Scholarship

A scholarship supporting graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in a degree program within the College of Science who have demonstrated academic promise. Learn more about this scholarship.

The Aspiring Actuary Scholarship

A scholarship supporting undergraduate students in Mathematics seeking the Undergraduate Academic Certificate in Actuarial Science. Learn more about this scholarship.

Scholarships by Department

Some of our departments also offer scholarships. Visit the department's website to learn more:





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