UNT Mathematics Professor Dr. Mariusz Urbanski Awarded Sierpiński Medal | College of Science
November 2, 2023

UNT Mathematics Professor Dr. Mariusz Urbanski Awarded Sierpiński Medal

The College of Science is proud to congratulate UNT Mathematics professor and researcher Dr. Mariusz Urbanski for recently receiving the prestigious Sierpiński Medal. Since 1974, the Sierpiński Medal has been granted to outstanding mathematicians with Polish associations by the University of Warsaw and Polish Mathematical Society.

"I am full of joy and gratitude for the Polish mathematical community," said Dr. Urbanski. "It is amazing to be among recipients that include such great mathematicians as Paul Erdos, Samuel Eilenberg, Stan Ulam, and Antoni Zygmund."

"Dr. Urbanski continues to be one of the Math Department's most accomplished researchers, and he has mentored many doctoral students over the years as they begin their own careers as mathematicians," said Dr. John Quintanilla, fellow mathematician and Dean of the UNT College of Science. "I am very pleased that he received this great honor in recognition of his highly distinguished career."

Dr. Urbanski's received his PhD in 1985 from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland and worked many years at the University as well. In 1991, Dr. Urbanski joined the University of North Texas as a visiting assistant professor and has been with the math department ever since. His research spans across several fields of mathematics, but the core of his research is in dynamical systems, a field whose aim is the study of how systems evolve over time and seeks to understand the long-term qualitative and quantitative behaviors of a system.

"Upon receiving this medal, I thought back to my high school days, when I read books on number theory by Wacław Sierpiński," said Dr. Urbanski. "The topological objects he introduced in the early 20th century now play an important role in topology, fractal geometry, and dynamical systems. They show up in my research."

As the author of more than 200 research papers and manuscripts, Dr. Urbanski is also listed among the top 2% of cited mathematicians worldwide. A prolific researcher and mentor, he has collaborated with more than thirty fellow mathematicians all over the world and has graduated twelve Doctors of Mathematics to-date. He is the recipient of numerous NSF grants and received the Faculty Research Award from the UNT Mathematics department three times in his career.

To learn more about Dr. Urbanski and his research, visit: https://www.urbanskimath.com/