Student working with Dr. Cundari's Research Group named top 300 Scholar | College of Science

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January 11, 2021

Student working with Dr. Cundari's Research Group named top 300 Scholar

Congratulations to Amy Guan, Chemistry TAMS students working with Dr. Thomas Cundari's Research Group, for being named as a top 300 scholar in the 80th Regeneron Science Talent Search, hosted by the Society for Science. Amy was selected for her research on the identification of metal and ligand effects on bond acidity of methane, the primary component of natural gas, and its impact on the catalytic efficiency for the conversion of this abundant hydrocarbon resource to more valuable industrial chemicals. Her research showed a direct link between enhanced C-H bond acidity and reduced kinetic barriers to methane activation.

According to the Regeneron Science Talent Search website, " The Regeneron Science Talent Search provides students a national stage to present original research and celebrates the hard work and novel discoveries of young scientists who are bringing a fresh perspective to significant global challenges."

"Scholars were chosen based on their exceptional research skills, commitment to academics, innovative thinking and promise as scientists and hail from 193 American and international high schools in 37 states, Puerto Rico and two additional countries."

You can view all 300 scholars here: