Mandy McMillon Receives March COS E=mc² Award  | College of Science
March 14, 2024

Mandy McMillon Receives March COS E=mc² Award 

The Dean is pleased to recognize Mandy McMillon as the recipient of this month's COS Excellence in Mastering Challenges Continuously (E=mc²) Award! This award was established by Dean Quintanilla to recognize outstanding efforts among full-time staff members within the College of Science and its departments.

"It's always great to be recognized, especially when we truly work hard and do it in faith that we can do this job and do it well," said Mandy of receiving the award. "I enjoy serving people, helping however I can, and If I don't have the answer, I most likely know who does."

Mandy is currently an admin coordinator and Assistant to the Chair in the physics department, though she started her time in the College of Science in the summer of 2022 as the Office Support Associate in the Dean's Office. Since starting at UNT, her colleagues have noted that her optimistic demeanor and helpful enthusiasm are positively contagious.

"Mandy's contributions go beyond the surface and play a vital role in the smooth functioning of COS. She provides essential support and coordination," said a previous teammate. "A sense of humor is a valuable asset in any workplace, and Mandy's ability to infuse levity into the office environment helps boost morale and creates an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone."

Mandy's previous occupation was working full-time as a floral designer. She still enjoys creating flower arrangements as a freelancer and hobbyist in her free time.

"My favorite thing about my job is the direct interaction with our students," said Mandy. "It is inspiring to witness all their trials and triumphs! I enjoy seeing their hard work pay off as they transition from scholars to graduates and potentially continue their education and research to create innovative ideas that evolve STEM programs throughout the world."

Mandy is a self-proclaimed "organizer of chaos" and prides herself in handling a lot of responsibilities that help with the day-to-day of everyone's job in the office.

"It's lots of scheduling, meeting with colleagues, and working together to create a communicative and collaborative flow in the chair's office to support the entire department," she said. "Getting to work with an eclectic mix of extremely intelligent people is a huge perk!"

"Mandy is always ready to help! No matter my question she always takes time to research if she needs to in order to provide the best answer she can. When I'm not sure who to go to I ask her! She is a lifesaver," said Shelley Schaffer of the UNT BioDiscovery Institute.

If you're ever curious about the weather, know that Mandy is also the office's resident "weather nerd." She loves the rainy season, chasing tornados, and watching lightning. She also loves a good challenge and like the Tier One researchers she supports in her position, is always exploring and searching for new possibilities.

"'Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new...' This is quote from Albert Einstein that I have always loved, about challenging ourselves to never quit learning," said Mandy. "I love learning new things, and this job is full of exciting new things to learn!"

If you'd like to nominate a deserving COS staff member for the E=mc² award, please complete this nomination form.