Alumni Success: Devan Simmons (’18) | College of Science
September 1, 2021

Alumni Success: Devan Simmons (’18)

We love hearing from our alumni and sharing their stories of success beyond the Mean Green! UNT alumnus Devan Simmons graduated in 2018 with her degree in ecology, and has established a successful career path for herself with the City of Carrolton as their Stormwater Coordinator, ensuring all the items in the city's Stormwater Management Plan get completed. The ultimate goal of her position is to reduce stormwater pollution, which includes educating citizens and businesses on what stormwater pollution is, performing inspections, and providing volunteer opportunities that are both educational and impactful.

"It's Important to be able to explain to others how different chemicals can affect our waterways," said Devan. "Getting to share my knowledge and see how excited people are to help positively impact our water is my favorite part of the job."

Devan knew she wanted to enter a career in ecology work after school, but wasn't sure where to start. She said that understanding and researching how different pollutants can affect waterways is a major part of her job, and much of the terminology and processes she uses as a Stormwater Coordinator now she learned during her time studying at the University of North Texas.

"I'm happy to say I secured a wonderful job in my field that both incorporates my love for the environment and for public speaking," she said.

During her time at UNT, Devan was an Eagle Ambassador for three years and enjoyed giving tours and sharing all UNT has to offer with other families. She also recalls fondly her time volunteering in the entomology lab with Dr. Kennedy. With the skills she learned in the lab, she was able to pick up work as a lab technician on campus, sorting and identifying insects.

In her spare time, Devan loves kayaking, walking her dogs in local parks, embroidery, and relaxing at home. "I really love being outside, so it's perfect that my job incorporates things I just do for fun," she said.

Devan's advice for current students is to study hard and have fun, because the time goes by so quickly: "Make a list of everything you want to do and do it!" She also loves to meet fellow alumni and is always delighted to see someone hold up their talons with Mean Green pride.

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