2023-2024 College of Science Scholarship Application | College of Science

2023-2024 College of Science Scholarship Application

This is the unified application for all College of Science (Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Teach North Texas, Health Professions, and AERI) scholarships.

You only need to fill out the application one time.

The deadline to submit your application is Tuesday, February 28th, 2023 by midnight CST.

The deadline for recommendations is Friday, March 3rd by midnight CST.

If you have any questions about this form, you can contact Amy-Marie Ashmore at AmyMarie.Ashmore@unt.edu or (940) 369-8072.

Your contact information

Your student information

Eligibility questions

Don't worry if you don't answer yes to some of these questions. Not all of our scholarships have additional eligibility requirements. This will help us determine if you are eligible for a few others.

We strongly recommend you complete your FAFSA before submitting this form. You can fill out your FAFSA at https://fafsa.ed.gov. If you are an international student, an undocumented student or DACA recipient, it's okay if you haven't filled out a FAFSA. COS still has scholarships that you may qualify for in the upcoming award cycle.

If your citizenship prevents you from completing the FAFSA, you may be eligible to complete the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA) or the Texas Public Education Grant for International Students (TPEG-I) Application available through the UNT International Office.

If you have completed a TASFA, please attach that documentation to your essay below.

Upload your essay

Many of our scholarships require essays about your experiences and goals. Try to keep your essay to one page max. We're looking for an essay that describes how receiving a scholarship will help you meet the goals below:

  1. Your career goals, including but not limited to:
    • What you want to do after finishing your current degree.
    • How your specific education will help you achieve your goals.
    • Any internships, jobs, or real-world experiences you've had related to your career goals.
  2. Your extracurricular activities, including but not limited to:
    • Participation in student organizations.
    • Volunteer work.
    • Community or civic contributions.
  3. Your research interests or activities.
  4. Any hardships or difficulties you've faced in pursuing your education.

You'll need to submit your essay as a PDF. View instructions on how to create a PDF (the link opens in a new window, don't worry!)

Since you've said that you're doing research, we highly recommend including information about your research activities in your essay.

Upload your CV

Based on how you've answered the questions on this form so far, we also need your CV as part of your application.

You'll need to submit your CV as a PDF. View instructions on how to create a PDF (the link opens in a new window, don't worry!)

Upload your transcript(s)

Submit your unofficial transcripts here. We require at least 1, but you may include up to 4. Include the most up-to-date copies you have access to use.

You'll need to submit your transcripts as PDFs. View instructions on how to create a PDF (the link opens in a new window, don't worry!)

Your references

Please enter the email addresses of 2 references who have agreed to provide you a letter of recommendation. When possible, your references should be from your department or within the field you're pursuing. Recommenders will receive a web link via email so they can submit their letters directly to your application. Speaking to your recommender ahead of submitting their information can help your application get qualified more quickly.

We strongly recommend you let your references know ahead of time that you're seeking scholarship recommendations from them. You can continue and submit this form if you haven't let them know, but you're much more likely to get useful recommendations from your references that will help you land a scholarship if you let them know ahead of time.

Since you've said that you're doing research, it's a good idea to use a reference that has guided or knows about your research activities.

Since you've said that you've served the Chemistry department in some way, we strongly recommend making one of your references someone in the Chemistry department who can speak to your contributions.

Other scholarship forms for you

Before you submit this form, we want to let you know that you may qualify for other scholarships that aren't included in this application form.

Good news! Did you know Teach North Texas also offers scholarships to its students? After submitting this form, we highly recommend submitting the TNT scholarship form (link opens in a new window) to be considered for over $10,000 in additional scholarships.

One last question...

We've got one last question for you. Answering this helps us better promote our scholarships, which in turn helps students like you get connected with these financial aid opportunities.