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Undergraduate Certificates

Actuarial Science

Interested in becoming an actuary or pursuing another career in actuarial science? This undergraduate certificate can help your resume stand out once you graduate.

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Forensic Science

If you wish to work in a crime laboratory as a forensic chemist or biologist, you must have a thorough grounding in the basic sciences of chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics. This undergraduate certificate can get you started.

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Mathematics of Scientific Computation

This 18-hour certificate is made up of 9 hours of required math and computer science courses, with your choice of an additional 9 hours of math, science, or engineering classes. This certificate can help you demonstrate that you have taken a sequence of mathematics and related courses which focus on the mathematics most relevant to scientific and engineering computations.

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Secondary Teacher Certification

The Teach North Texas program at UNT offers teaching certification to students completing their bachelor's degrees in math or science. Our newly-certified math and science teachers have a 100% hire rate after graduation.

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This certificate is available to math majors. It requires 15 hours consisting of courses in applied statistics and probability, with your choice of a supporting area such as quantitative analysis, management science, econometrics, linear modeling, psychological measurement, and others in economics, geography, physics, and political science.

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