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Undergraduate Certificates

Actuarial Science

Interested in becoming an actuary or pursuing another career in actuarial science? This undergraduate certificate can help your resume stand out once you graduate.

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Computational Science

The computational science certificate provides students a broad knowledge base in problem solving using contemporary computational methods and tools, as well as specialized experience in modeling and solving complex problems in a particular focus area. This certificate provides students with competitive skills whether they intend to pursue graduate education or a career in industry.

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Data Analytics

Training in data analytics is becoming increasingly important for advancement in nearly any career. Courses making up this certificate provide an understanding of the underlying fundamental concepts of contemporary data analytics methods, as well as experience in obtaining and learning from big data through machine learning and deep learning tools.

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Forensic Science

If you wish to work in a crime laboratory as a forensic chemist or biologist, you must have a thorough grounding in the basic sciences of chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics. This undergraduate certificate can get you started.

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Health Professions Student Development

Professional schools look for applicants who are competent in several areas. In addition to a high GPA and entrance exam score, the admitted applicant will possess strong communication skills, a mature and ethical mindset, and an appreciation for diverse backgrounds and ideas. Since UNT does not offer a pre-health major, this certificate will provide realistic expectations and valuable preparation through four different categories: Health Care Competency Development, Community Service, Health Care Experience, and Application Awareness and Enhancement.

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Secondary Teacher Certification

The Teach North Texas program at UNT offers teaching certification to students completing their bachelor's degrees in math or science. Our newly-certified math and science teachers have a 100% hire rate after graduation.

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This certificate is available to math majors. It requires 15 hours consisting of courses in applied statistics and probability, with your choice of a supporting area such as quantitative analysis, management science, econometrics, linear modeling, psychological measurement, and others in economics, geography, physics, and political science.

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