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Academic Advisors

What they can help you with

These advisors can help you:

  • Pick a major
  • Review your official degree audit
  • Do a graduation check for you
  • Review situations that require approval, like
    • Concurrent Enrollment
    • Overload
    • Pass/No Pass course options

Not sure which type of advisor is right for you? See which type of advisor you should contact.

How to contact them

Virnin Bonner (advises Physics and Math)
Hickory Hall 283
(940) 369-8606
Brandy Ellis (advises Medical Laboratory Science and Biology)
Life Sciences Wing A, 128
(940) 369-8606
Sarah Romack (advised all majors)
Hickory Hall 283
(940) 369-8606
Alex Rouse (advises Biochemistry and Biology)
Hickory Hall 283
(940) 369-8606
Tanya Sanchez (advises Chemistry)
Hickory Hall 283
(940) 369-8606

Rebecca Werts (advises Ecology for Environmental Studies and Biology)
Environmental Science, 352C
(940) 369-8606

To schedule an appointment with your advisor, go to:
To reach your advisor, please email:
For general advising questions, go to:

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