UNT Mathematics Welcomes Dr. Harrison Gaebler | College of Science
August 9, 2022

UNT Mathematics Welcomes Dr. Harrison Gaebler

The College of Science welcomes Dr. Harrison Gaebler to the UNT Mathematics Department as a new faculty member this semester. Dr. Gaebler will be teaching Math 1710, which is an honors calculus course designed to introduce students to limits, derivatives, and integrals. He is looking forward to teaching his students that math is both fun and rewarding.

The prospect of working with Dr. Bunyamin Sari in the UNT Mathematics Department greatly influenced Dr. Gaebler's decision to come to UNT. Both researchers work the area of "geometry of Banach Spaces."

"These spaces have a very nice linear structure that gives a rich and largely well-understood theory, but they can also be viewed from a purely metric (non-linear) standpoint," said Dr. Gaebler. "In particular, non-linear results are both interesting in their own right and they can also help us to understand better some problems that have remained open for a long time. I would say then that my academic goals are to work towards some specific non-linear results in this area."

Dr. Gaebler acquired his undergraduate degree at Rice University (Houston, TX), and completed his PhD in Mathematics at the University of Kansas in 2021. For the past year, he has been working as a postdoc at the University of Oklahoma, but is excited to be returning to Texas for his new postion at UNT.

For more information about our UNT Mathematics faculty, visit: https://math.unt.edu/people/all