UNT Ecology Ready to Kick off Pollinative Prairie Planting Weekend | College of Science
October 4, 2019

UNT Ecology Ready to Kick off Pollinative Prairie Planting Weekend

Be involved in our conservation effort! UNT Ecology is inviting the UNT Community to help plant over 8,500 native Texas prairie plants into the UNT Pollinative Prairie Oct 4-6. This will require many volunteers to help and we would love to see you bring your friends, members of clubs you belong to and family. The Pecan Creek Pollinative Prairie is a UNT We Mean Green Fund project. Volunteer hours can be counted towards the UNT Environmental Volunteerism Graduation Cord.

The Pecan Creek Pollinative Prairie is a native North Central Texas tallgrass prairie reconstruction project located on four acres of the east field at the University of North Texas Discovery Park Campus. In May 2016, UNT Ecology staff and students initiated the project to provide a space for students, faculty, and staff on the UNT Campus to promote conservation and sustainable urban landscaping of native habitats for declining pollinator populations, such as the American Bumblebee and Monarch Butterfly. During 2016 - 2018, over 300 undergraduate students volunteered approximately 900 hours to turn a field dominated by invasive Bermuda grass with little life into a vibrant prairie with native flowers, grasses, and pollinating insects. We even have a breeding pair of American Kestrel falcons that call the prairie home! Now, we are working to build the rest of the prairie and create a space to walk, rest, and discover peace with nature.

Join UNT Ecology and the UNT Chapter of Society for Ecological Restoration to volunteer in local prairie restoration efforts! The event is taking place Friday, October 4 starting at 4:00pm until Sunday, October 6 at 6pm (or until all the work is complete).

There will be some water provided for the workdays, but it is advisable to bring your own water and snacks. Please wear closed-toed shoes, long pants, protective hat, sunblock and insect spray if you wish.

If you have any questions, please email Dr. Jaime Baxter-Slye at jaime.slye@unt.edu, or visit the event calendar here: https://calendar.unt.edu/pollinative-prairie-planting-weekend