UNT Chemistry PhD Student Receives 2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship | College of Science

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April 10, 2018

UNT Chemistry PhD Student Receives 2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Catherine Moulder, a first year UNT Chemistry PhD student and UNT Mathematics Alumna, has been awarded a 2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! As UNT's sole recipient of the 2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Catherine is setting a great example for graduate and undergraduate students across all our scientific disciplines.

As an undergraduate at UNT, Catherine earned Bachelor of Science degrees in both Chemistry and Mathematics in 2017 and completed the Mathematics Department's Undergraduate Academic Certificate in the Mathematics of Scientific Computation. She was also an active member of the Math Club, and served one year as Math Club Vice President.

Catherine Moulder has been conducting computational chemistry research in the Cundari lab for two years now. Her research aims to create a database of accurate metal-ligand bond energies to guide organometallic catalyst design. She studies Earth-abundant heavy metals (such as zirconium and tungsten) and the ways they could potentially serve as "green" catalysts due to their low human and environmental toxicity as well as their natural abundance. This fundamental research seeks to provide organometallic researchers with powerful new tools that will benefit their own experimental catalyst design efforts.

In addition to her research activities, Catherine also enjoys serving as an academic tutor and research mentor to undergraduate students and often participates in activities that encourage people to experience for themselves the fun of scientific experimentation.

From over 12,000 applicants nationwide, Catherine is one of only 2,000 students to receive this prestigious fellowship in 2018, and the sole recipient attending UNT. This award provides three years of support, including a generous stipend and cost-of-education allowance, within the five year fellowship period.

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