UNT Biology Announces Fall 2022 BioFrontiers Seminar Speakers | College of Science
September 15, 2022

UNT Biology Announces Fall 2022 BioFrontiers Seminar Speakers

The University of North Texas Department of Biological Sciences is dedicated to presenting students with the latest and most cutting-edge research being conducted locally and around the world. To that end, scientists are invited, every semester, to come and present their research to the student body and community. The BioFrontiers Seminars will be held in Life Science A117 (except Oct 7 and 28 - locations TBA) every Friday at 3:00 p.m. The entire UNT community is invited to come and experience the excitement of Tier One Research at its finest.

The fall 2022 lineup of speakers is as follows:

September 2
Dr. Ed Mager, University of North Texas
Early life stage exposure to deepwater horizon crude oil impairs kidney development and function in fish

September 9
Dr. Rosin McGarry, University of North Texas
Meristem regulation - opportunities to enhance crop production

September 16
Dr. Rajeev Azad, University of North Texas
Genes without borders: Quantifying horizontal gene flux among prokaryotes

September 23
Dr. Lin Li, University of North Texas
Computational neuroscience and brain network: Studies of epilepsy

September 30
Dr. Rachel Pigg, University of Iowa
Teaching for retention: Strategies to improve student competency, autonomy, and sense of belonging in undergraduate biology classrooms

October 7
Dr. Maria Harrison, Boyce Thompson Institute
Getting Pi with a little help from your friends

October 14
Dr. Patrick Horn, University of North Texas
Biosynthesis and regulation of high-value plant fatty acids

October 21
Dr. Pudur Jagadeeswaran, University of North Texas
Genetics of blood diseases: Thrombosis and thrombopoiesis

October 28
Dr. Maureen McCann, National Renewal Energy Lab
NREL's bioenergy research and development activities for the advancement of bio-based energy, fuels, and products

November 4
Dr. Brian Meckes, University of North Texas
Physicochemical regulation of cell behavior: A multi-scale problem

November 11
Dr. Dylan Kosma, University of Nevada-Reno
Plant lipid polymers cutin and suberin: Structural and functional significance

November 18
Dr. Carolina Chaves-Arantes, West Virginia University
Ecology and conservation of large floodplain rivers in the Amazon

December 2
Dr. Elizabeth Skellum, University of North Texas
Elucidating fungai specialized metabolism-novel enzymes, pathways, and molecules