UNT Astronomy's Ryan Bennett Featured on OLLI at UNT Podcast | College of Science
July 14, 2022

UNT Astronomy's Ryan Bennett Featured on OLLI at UNT Podcast

The OLLI at UNT Podcast gives a deeper look into the professional and personal lives of various members of our community. In each episode, host Susan Supak showcases her talent for bringing out interesting facts about fellow members and faculty who volunteer to teach their courses.

In this episode, Susan speaks with Ryan Bennett, Director of the Astronomy program at UNT. Ryan tells Susan all about the facilities the Astronomy program operates, including the Sky Theater planetarium, the Rafes Urban Astronomy Center, and the Monroe Remote Observatory. Although the pandemic and the 2021 ice storm have recently limited the program's activities, Ryan explains that there are now many opportunities for the North Texas community to take advantage of these scientific resources in their own backyard. He also gives Susan a preview of some exciting developments the program has planned for the next few years and shares some tips for beginning astronomers.

To listen to the podcast episode, visit https://soundcloud.com/ollipod/episode-83-the-future-of-unt-astronomy-with-ryan-bennett?in=ollipod/sets/episodes

To learn more about the UNT Astronomy program, visit astronomy.unt.edu/.

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