Students Helping Students: Taylor Howey | College of Science
May 6, 2022

Students Helping Students: Taylor Howey

Taylor Howey is a biochemistry major in the College of Science who will proudly be graduating in Spring 2022. She initially chose UNT for her studies because it was close to family and because it accepted her transfer credits from a community college. Since then, she's been impressed to see how far she has come in her journey of growth and progress, even though it wasn't always easy.

"Something important to me is to not compare my academic journey to others, which is far easier said than done. It's taken me five years to complete my bachelor's and in that time I've financed my education, transferred twice, and had many other tribulations. It's always good to remember that not everyone was at the same starting point as you, and the journey isn't always linear. Success for me might not look the same for someone else."

Taylor recently gave to the COS Students Helping Students campaign, which allows graduating seniors to receive a philanthropy graduation cord by making a donation of $20.22 to a fund that will help fellow students following in their footsteps.

"I have struggled financially almost my entire academic career; I know how stressful and difficult it can be as a student-employee," Taylor said. "I feel blessed to be in a position now where I am able to help others and that brings satisfaction and value to me and my life."

Taylor said she is grateful for the help she had along the way, including friends, professors, and other staff and faculty she's met while at UNT. Biological Sciences professors Dr. Rebecca Dickstein and Dr. Jessica Moore served as advisors and mentors to Taylor. "Both of these fantastic professors have given me guidance as well as helped me grow in my studies and in my confidence as a woman in STEM," she said. "Another great professor I can thank is Dr. Mauricio Antunes for helping me discover research opportunities."

During her time at UNT, Taylor enjoyed being a Peer-Led Team-Learning (PLTL) leader in the Chemistry Department, working as a Teacher's Assistant for the Biology Department, and being a members of the Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity and the American Chemistry Society chapter.

"I am taking a gap year after graduation to continue working as a technician in the emergency department of a trauma hospital and to prepare my application for graduate school," said Taylor when asked what's next for her. "In the more distant future I will pursue a career in medicine and research."