Science Summer Academy Empowers Local Teachers | College of Science
June 12, 2018

Science Summer Academy Empowers Local Teachers

This summer marks the third and final year of the Science Summer Academy, a collaborative effort between UNT's Bilingual/ESL Teacher Education, the College of Science's BioDiscovery Institute, and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

The aim of the project is to invite local teachers to learn with scientists in the institute and help them develop lesson plans in both English and Spanish. The teachers who attended the first two years of the program were invited to spend a week on campus from June 11-14 to learn first-hand about current research from UNT scientists and engineers.

The project is funded by the National Science Foundation. The primary investigator of the grant is Biology's Distinguished University Professor and recently accepted member of the UK Royal Society, Dr. Richard Dixon. The Science Summer Academy is set up and run by Dr. Rossana Boyd of the College of Education, the co-princial investigator.