Meet Our College of Science Student Ambassadors | College of Science
August 28, 2018

Meet Our College of Science Student Ambassadors

Meet Our College of Science Student Ambassadors!

Did you know the College of Science has twelve student ambassadors who serve as student liaisons to the College and University? These hand-picked representatives for our college are students who have already experienced success in the classroom, are involved in campus activities and organizations, and are offering their time to help others -especially those new to UNT- navigate their way through the challenges and rewards of being a student here at the College of Science.

Whether its questions about managing a course load, learning to go from "studying" to studying, or finding ways to get involved with organizations and undergraduate research, COS Ambassadors are here to help! They can also connect their peers with information on resources like scholarships and offer guidance on navigating the application processes. Each department and major within the College of Science is represented on the 2018-2019 COS Ambassador Team, however, students from any department or major are welcome to connect with an Ambassador, as they each have a variety of interests, goals, and involvement on campus.

We're all here to help each other strive for academic and personal success. To reach out to our Ambassadors, simply email to ask questions over email, arrange a phone call, or meet up on campus. You can also find out more about the COS Student Ambassador Program at