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March 27, 2020

Going Above & Beyond: UNT Mathematics Highlighted for COVID-19 Response

The College of Science is #UNTproud of the Mathematics Department for being highlighted in multiple university communications for going above and beyond in their COVID-19 response. We continue to be impressed by the patience and efforts of our entire UNT community.

In the University's Official Notice COVID-19 Update today, Associate Professor of Mathematics Dr. Pieter Allaart gave a shoutout to the Math Department Chair and Professor Dr. Ralf Schmidt:

"Ralf joined our department only this past fall from another institution, but he very quickly earned the trust of our faculty, staff and graduate students and, before the "coronacrisis" hit, had already started transforming the department in a positive way. But these last few weeks, his calm and steady leadership has truly made a difference. Day by day, he kept everyone informed with clear emails detailing step by step what we needed to do next, sometimes even with a measured dose of humor. He also constructed a webpage with helpful tips for teaching online. Moreover, he went out of his way to ensure that all instructional personnel had the necessary resources to start teaching online, ordering tablets, webcams and document cameras for whoever needed them, and with his physical presence he kept up morale among the staff who had to keep coming into the office until the very last moment when the department was already a ghost town. Thanks to Ralf's leadership, the Mathematics Department experienced a remarkably smooth transition."

Provost Cowley also shared a message in her update this morning from a student talking about her professor, Dr. Huettenmueller, who is also a Math Department faculty member. "I could not let her hard work go unnoticed," the student said. "[She] shows me that my efforts are reciprocated and that I am not alone."

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