Faculty Focus: Provost Recognizes Dr. Nicoladie Tam | College of Science
October 9, 2019

Faculty Focus: Provost Recognizes Dr. Nicoladie Tam

Provost Cowley's monthly newsletter highlighted the achievements of many UNT faculty members across campus to honor LGBTQ History month. You can read the full October 2019 newsletter here. UNT Biology associate professor Dr. Nicoladie Tam was highlighted in the Faculty Focus section, recognized for her research work and campus advocacy for the LGBTQ community:

"Dr. Nicoladie Tam is an associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences. Her research interests include computational and experimental neuroscience in emotional and cognitive processing, EEG, near-infrared optical imaging, motor control, robotics, neuro-prosthetics, brain-computer-interface, decoding of brain signals and brain simulation. Dr. Tam teaches classes in Principles of Biology and Neuropsychopharmacology.

She is also the leader of the LGBTQ Faculty Network on UNT's campus. The LGBT Faculty Network is an organization of LGBT Faculty whose mission is to foster peer-to-peer mentoring for faculty of all ranks. The Network sponsors social gatherings, brings speakers to campus and advocates for equality of LGBT Faculty at UNT. The overarching goal of the LGBT Faculty Network is to cultivate an inclusive environment and workplace at UNT which supports LGBT faculty to be productive in research, teaching and service."