Chemistry Graduate Student Wins HEMS Student Travel Award | College of Science
October 9, 2019

Chemistry Graduate Student Wins HEMS Student Travel Award

Chemistry graduate student Camila Anguiano Virgen was recently awarded the HEMS Student Travel Award to attend the 13th Harsh-Environment Mass Spectrometry (HEMS) Workshop in September 2019. Camila is working on her PhD under Dr. Verbeck. The award covers $1,250 in travel expenses; at the conference she gave a presentation of her research titled, Detection and Analysis of Simulated Chemical Warfare Agents using Portable Mass Spectrometry. Congratulations, Camila!

According to the HEMS Workshop's website, "The Workshop on Harsh-Environment Mass Spectrometry (HEMS) was created in 1999 as a means of encouraging interaction among people involved in deploying mass spectrometers outside of the typical laboratory setting. These environments are diverse, ranging from volcanoes and battlefields, to ocean depths, outer space and other rugged locales. Building mass spectrometers to withstand the rigors of such harsh and remote environments places a unique burden on engineering design and science objective planning, where operational requirements for power, size and durability must be met while achieving the goals of the scientific mission."

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