Biology Alumni Receives Exceptional Paper Award | College of Science
July 10, 2018

Biology Alumni Receives Exceptional Paper Award

UNT's College of Science would like to congratulate Alexis Wormington, UNT Biology alumni (Bachelor of Science, 2016), on receiving a 2018 Exceptional Paper Award from the distinguished journal Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry for her paper entitled "Effect of natural organic matter on the photo-induced toxicity of titanium dioxide nanoparticles".

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry's annual Best Paper Award was established in 2013 to select the most outstanding paper published in the prior calendar year. Wormington's published piece was among the top 10 nominated articles selected based on scientific impact, public and professional interest, comprehension, and experimental design and quality.

The research for this award-winning paper was conducted in the Advanced Environmental Research Institute, specifically the laboratory of Dr. Aaron Roberts. Dr. Roberts is the senior author of the paper, which also includes several other UNT coauthors, including former UNT graduate students, Matthew Alloy and Chan Mansfield, as well as former UNT postdoctoral researcher, Carmen Nichols. For more up-to-date information about the Advanced Environmental Research Instituteand the important interdisciplinary environmental research happening all the time at the University of North Texas, visit the AERI Facebook page.