Alumni Spotlight: Michael Garcia | College of Science
May 2, 2022

Alumni Spotlight: Michael Garcia

Congratulations are in order for Michael Garcia, a UNT alumnus who was recently recognized as the Frisco ISD Secondary Teacher of the year! Michael is currently a math teacher at Emerson High School.

"I am honored and humbled to be recognized as the Frisco ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year," said Michael. "The biggest thanks goes to the staff at Emerson High School. We have a dedicated group of teachers who are willing to try new things but are more willing to do whatever it takes for their students to grow as people."

Michael, who graduated from the University of North Texas with a BA in Mathematics with a minor in Mathematics Secondary Teaching, said he whole-heartedly believes the Teach North Texas program at UNT is one of the best in the nation.

"Every master teacher has helped me grow into what it means to be an excellent math teacher," he said. "The intentionality of the staff, the intensity of the classes, the ability to try new things (and fail at new things) all helped me grow my interest and passion for teaching math. I would not be here without the Teach North Texas program."

Michael had been interested in mathematics from a young age. He said he always participated in math competitions, would tutor students for fun, and always wanted to push himself in his math classes. He cited Dr. Cindy Watson and Mr. Casey Harl as two major influences during his time at UNT, and he still keeps in touch with both of them today.

"Their knowledge of educational strategies is immense but their love for students is bigger. They want to help students become GREAT math and science teachers," said Michael. "Not just great in their content, but great in everything they do. The TNT program wouldn't be what it is without them."

In his spare time, Michael volunteers at his church with the Young Adults Program and Student Ministry. His advice for students looking to pursue mathematics education is this: "If you are willing to work hard, be patient, try new things, be challenged every day, have a love for kids to grow as people, and want to have fun, then do it!"