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Algebra Seminar

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Friday, April 13, 2018 - 1:00pm
GAB 461
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The Algebra Seminar is hosting a special discussion for graduate students,

"I passed my quals, now what?", this Friday, April 13th, at 1pm in GAB 461.

Many students think a PhD results from serving a certain number of years in graduate school, or maybe completing a certain number of hours of hard work. In some fields, the hard part is completing the required course work and exam requirements, and finishing the PhD is downhill from there. Things are very different in mathematics. What steps should you take after passing your quals? How do you find an advisor? How do you transition from reading courses to solving an open problem? How do you find an open problem to solve? Should you be attending conferences? What if you need to switch advisors?

And the biggest question of all:

Why won't your advisor tell you WHEN you will graduate?

Please join us this Friday!

Anne Shepler

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UNT Presenter

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