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Pre-Occupational Therapy at the University of North Texas

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Please see one of our pre-health advisors to further explore a major that best fits your academic strengths and future career goals.

About Pre-Occupational Therapy at UNT

The UNT Office of Health Professions provides direction and resources to students passionate about a career in occupational therapy. Occupational therapy provides cathartic tools for those affected by physical or mental disabilities, by improving life skills and increasing functionality in every day environments (The American Occupational Therapy Association, 2015). As a pre-OT student, you may select any major, as long as you complete the prerequisite coursework required by each OT school.

The journey to OT school is quite rigorous, and it's imperative that you prove to the schools' admission boards that you are capable of success in their programs. In addition to high grades and entrance exam scores, OT schools will evaluate both your volunteer and shadowing experience*. All areas are equally important in a holistic assessment of the candidate.

*Volunteering: OT schools are looking for students who have volunteered in their community. Though not required, it's best if you volunteer in the health care field, where you are helping people.

*Shadowing: To be considered a competitive candidate, students need to shadow an Occupational Therapist. Several hours of shadowing will display an understanding and commitment to such profession.

Prerequisites for Texas Occupational Therapy Schools

Please refer to our Pre-OT Packet for information on prerequisites, timelines, and additional resources.


Please visit the ETS webpage for more information on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

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Alpha Epsilon Delta

Alpha Delta: Pre-Health Minority Club

Medically Dedicated Students

UNT Pre-OT Club

Get Involved: Professional Associations

The American Occupational Therapy Association

Texas Occupational Therapy Association

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