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Meet Your COS Ambassadors

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George Kinshuk

Major: BS Biology. Minor: Chemistry.

"I chose UNT because of the really supportive environment from staff/faculty and students, as well as great research opportunities

Ask me about research, managing high workloads, staying ahead in classes, maintaining school and social life, how to approach professors."

Kiran Daulla

Major: Biochemistry. Minor: Biology

"I chose UNT because it has everything! Wonderful people I met on my tour along with a beautiful campus and a wide variety of interesting classes. To name a few other reasons, there are so many research opportunities (as UNT is a tier-one research facility), an abundance of student organizations, and a plethora of student resources (like the Learning Center and the Money Management Center). As a current sophomore I can truly say everyone here wants you to succeed and it is such a caring community."

Ask me about being a BS Biochemistry major, student organizations, university scholarships, professors, undergraduate research, being pre-med, the Honors College, and student success resources.

Krina Patel

Major: BS Biology. Minor: Chemistry.


"Because UNT has its own medical school as well as more than 400 organizations which provides an environment to constantly be in contact with academic and social society.

Ask me about professor recommendations, study schedule, pre-med, getting involved in undergraduate research, and volunteering/shadowing opportunities."

Lexi Cannata

Major: BA Biology. Minors: Chemistry & Psychology.

Pre-Med and Honors College

"I chose UNT because of the location relative to my hometown (Fort Worth), as well as the vibes and the community. When I first visited UNT, I immediately felt at home, and knew I would be able to thrive in the environment fostered here!.

Ask me about Biology major, Chemistry minor, and Psychology minor, along with their required courses and experience in the courses. Pre-med concentrations (suggested classes, etc.), volunteering/shadowing for med school, and working at a hospital."

Allison Horton

Major: BA Biology. Minors: Chemistry and Public Health

Pre-Med and Honors College

"I chose North Texas because of the amazing science program and the great honors college program. Plus, Denton felt like a home away from home.

Ask me about professor recommendations, study habits, pre-medicine/pre-health, managing work loads, honors college!"

Paulette Evans

Major: BS Mathematics. Minor: Sociology

honors College

"I choose to attend UNT because after visiting for the first time I found that our campus feels safe, inviting, and fun, which I believe to be key qualities of an environment that fosters academic success. I also appreciate the diversity of the campus, and the support and passion from advisors and professors.

Ask me about professor recommendations, study habits, preparedness, scheduling, managing stress, motivation, finding resources on and off campus, being a first-generation college student, scholarships, approaching professors, my experience, and anything else you have questions about or need help with!"

Espi Hinojos

Major: Biology. Minor: Chemistry.

"I chose to attend UNT because it offered me fantastic undergraduate research opportunities, sufficient financial aid, and most importantly, a diverse and welcoming atmosphere.

Ask me about getting involved in undergraduate research, study habits/tips, being pre-med, joining organizations, and how to time manage."

Van Dang

Major: BS Mathematics.

Actuarial Science Certificate

"I chose to attend UNT because it has great diversity and offers lots of opportunities for students to grow. I feel like everyone cares about others, and the university always tries to support the students in the best way possible.

Ask me about mentality, study habits, getting involved on campus."

Amanda Chiaha

Major: BS Biology. Minor: Chemistry


"I choose UNT because I liked that the campus population was large, it meant that i would have the oppurtunity to meet a lot of people. Another reason was the research, I had reached out to the biology department after applying and I was connected to a lab that I found interesting. .

Ask me about finding research opportunities in the Biology department, pre-med classes and organizations, how to study, being an international student."

Raven Celeste

Major: BS Biology. Minor: Chemistry.

Secondary Education Teaching Certification and Pre-Vet

"I chose UNT because it provided a completely different environment from where I grew up. As an El Paso native, I was surrounded by people who looked/talked similar to me, and while that is lovely and comforting (along with the FANTASTIC Mexican food there), I always wanted to expand my horizons by attending an out-of-city university. UNT provides this home where I have met amazing, unique peers I consider family! Also, the CoS Department has provided me with numerous opportunities (career/academic wise) that I know I wouldn't find anywhere else!

(PS: I also love the color green, so that could've been an influence! #GMG)!

Ask me about pre-Veterinary Path, Teach North Texas, Biology major/Chemistry minor, First Generation stuff, and personal organization habits!"

Natasha Leftin

Major: BS Mathematics & BA Media Arts

Secondary Education Teaching Certification

"I chose UNT because of the atmosphere and diversity presented here, including how there's something for everyone. Everyone can make a difference and a name for themselves at UNT if they choose. It's an amazing community to help guide you in your path to success. I love the people, campus, and environment created and you will too!

Ask me about whenever you are in doubt or don't know where to begin or possibly you are spiraling into confusion on what to do I am always here! Trust me we have all be there! Which is okay and there are many things I learned on my journey here that I'd love to help or guide you. I can help you from anything to do with classes, scheduling, Teach North Texas, double majoring, recommendations, how to get involved or even some personal questions that relate to campus life. I was in your shoes once and want to lend a helping hand. Hopefully we can talk soon whether it's about schedules or about the football games! Go Mean Green. "

Brandy Sorrells

Major: BA Biology. Minors: Chemistry and Public Health

Pre-Med and Honors College

"I choose UNT because I have lived in Denton my entire life and felt comfortable at UNT. I wanted to stay close to my family, friends and my chihuahua. UNT had my desired major, accepted all of my Advanced Placement credits and even offered me a scholarship making it the perfect place.

Ask me about study habits, being a pre-med, professor recommendations, things to do in Denton or ways to get involved at UNT."

Claire Spann

Major: BS Biochemistry. Minor: Biology.

Honors College

"I initially chose UNT because of its location and financial aid, but as I visited and learned more about the culture of UNT, I fell in love! The school has so many opportunities not just for research, experience, and a great science education, but also for friendship, fun, connections, and diversity. UNT is a safe, welcoming, and fun environment for all college students.

Ask me about Biochemistry, the Honors College, undergraduate research, professor and class recommendations, special programs and certificates, scholarships, pre-academia resources, mental health/schedule management, and writing for applications, scholarships, and other opportunities."

Sidra Ambreen

Major: BA Biology Minors: Chemistry and Real Estate


I choose UNT for their warm welcoming community! The moment I first came to UNT every encounter I had that day from the staff to the students were very sweet. UNT unlike many universities stood out for accepting students regardless of their academic or personal history. This university which I call home, welcomed me with open arms thats why I could not help but to choose UNT!

Ask me about... Professor Recomendations: After almost completing 100 hours in less than 2 years I feel like I have a good set of teachers that I would personally recommmend. Study Habits: I tried different types of study habits from trying to listen to classical and lofi music while studying for history, to building molecular structures to memorize biochemical structures. Premed: I am 4th generation premed student, I come from a wide array of doctors in my family while working alongside many doctors and medical specialist. I can help with mock interviews, personal statements and many more suppliments for medical school. Majors, Minors and Certificates: I have dipped my toes in many subjects and can help you fish out what might intrest you the most!

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