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Meet Your COS Ambassadors

George Kinshuk

Major: Biology

"I chose UNT because of the really supportive environment from staff/faculty and students, as well as great research opportunities

Ask me about research, managing high workloads, staying ahead in classes, maintaining school and social life, how to approach professors."

Kelsey Akin

Major: Biology

"I chose to attend UNT because of the kind, helpful people I met while touring the campus. As a Pre-Health student, I was also looking for a college that could offer me support in my journey to professional school, and I saw that UNT's College of Science had several resources available to help thier students achieve their goals. I am very happy with the decision I made to be a part of UNT's College of Science!

Ask me about Pre-dental, minors (especially art), campus involvement, study habits, leadership opportunities, building relationships with professors, and managing stress."

Lynn Bui

Major: Biology / Chemistry & Music

"I chose UNT because it really felt like such a vibrant, welcoming community when I visited for the first time. I love the faculty and students here, and everyone I've met have been so supportive and caring.

Ask me about getting involved on campus, being pre-med, being a music minor, working on campus, figuring out how to study, and living on campus."

Cire Jauregui

Major: Mathematics w/ certification in 7-12 education

"I chose UNT's College of Science because of the Teach North Texas program! The emphasis they put on preparation made me feel like I would have all the help I could ask for when preparing for my dream career.

Ask me about Teach North Texas, education certification, getting involved on campus, math teachers, and exploring Denton & DFW!"

Habsat Badmus

Major: Biology/Chemistry

"I came to UNT because when I toured this campus, it immediately felt like I belonged. The family atmosphere and faculty here is amazing and encouraging. UNT is my home away from home.

Ask me about study habits, pre-med route, professor recommendations, how to succeed in BA Biology courses, how to get involved on campus, and more!"

Carolina Menchaca

Major: Biology

"I choose to attend UNT because of its welcoming atmosphere, diversity in student population, and for the amazing research opportunities offered to undergraduate students. I also love Denton and the location UNT is situated in!

Ask me about undergrad research, Terry Scholarhip, McNair Schollars program, pre-med/MD-PhD/PhD (I was pre all 3 of these at some point), on campus academic jobs, student resources, and student organizations."

Kamden Akins

Major: Biology

"I chose UNT because I loved the environment. When I first toured the campus, everyone was eager to welcome me. When I started first flight week, I met my friends, and we've ended up a lot closer since then. The campus and staff are very welcoming, and more want you to succeed than you'd expect.

Ask me about Biology professors, or about studying in lecture-heavy courses."

Dami Olopade

Major: Biology/Chemistry

"My decision to attend UNT was mostly based on the resources and opportunities available to help me succeed in my career. In addition I was drawn to how diverse the campus is. So far, I have made unforgettable memories and met amazing people. Choosing UNT has been one of the best decisions of my life.

Ask me about professor recommendations, study habits, mentoring, and pre-med questions."

Cindy Ngo

Major: Biochemistry

"I chose to attend UNT because of the campus culture and diversity amongst its student body. I love that I have the opportunity to meet people who have different backgrounds and cultures from me. Additionally, the COS continually uplifts and supports it students and has a vast amount of resources that allows everyone to get connected to campus. I am very happy with the decision I made to be a part of UNT's College of Science!

Ask me about being a biochemistry major, having additional majors/minors outside of the college of science, mentoring programs, being pre-med, being first-generation, JAMP application and interview process, honors college, volunteer opportunities, getting involved on campus, professor recommendations."

David Munoz-Sarabia

Major: Mathmatics & Political Science

"I choose UNT for its diversity. Being exposed to different people, cultures, and perspectives is enriching! Everyone is so accepting, inclusive, and welcoming which made it home. In addition to being inclusive, they offer so many resources which made me feel taken care of. They make sure students are well academically and mentally. As a first-generation college student, this helped me a lot. The last reason why I came to UNT is for the Teach North Texas program. This program is amazing! They invest so much in every student to make passionate Math and Science educators that will inspire the next innovators and leaders.

Ask me about student organizations, Mathematics, teaching,Teach North Texas, organization and time management, study habits, being a first generation college student, and double majoring."

Alex Pettigrew

Major: Biology/Chemistry

"I chose UNT for the welcoming environment, excellent Forensic Science program, and amazing people!

Ask me about study habits, pre-med, professor recommendations, or anything you need help with!"

Mycah Barnes

Major: Biology/Chemistry

"I chose UNT because it truly felt like home during my very first tour. UNT has a very accepting student body where anyone can find their purpose in college. I appreciate how helpful students and faculty have been In every department. UNT has showed me that any career goal is possible to obtain.

Ask me about getting involved on campus, study habits, what it's like to be pre med, how to succeed in biology related courses, and how to network in college!"

Bryan La Beau

Major: Biology

I choose UNT because it's close to home. My parents wanted me local since I was 17 entering college.

Ask me about study systems/habits, being pre-med, networking, scheduling classes, and mindset."

Rito Valdez

Major: Biology/Chemistry

"I chose UNT for the warm and welcoming environment and the numerous departments that can provide anything a student may need to be successful at UNT.

Ask me about the pre-health track, how I would do something different if I was a freshman again, and how I maintained my social and personal life."

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